While looking through my website please be aware of certain criteria that guides my knifemaking. All of my knives are made to designs that I will not alter for anyone. I do not take orders for any of my knives. I sell them through this website and the customknivesandguns.com forum. Since my knives are made for everyday utility and tactical use I use only certain materials. Blades are made of D2 steel. I do use some damascus from time to time but I only use ladder and random pattern stainless damascus. All blades are flat ground only. All handles are made of G10. Liners are titanium. Bolsters are made of 303S stainless or titanium, depending on what I want to use. I have done my own heat treating for over 20 years so everything is done in house. Thank you for your interest in my knives.

About Me

Having been a pipe welder since 1967 and working with various metals, I have always been interested in making knives. Working metal is one of the hardest of all skills, and to make quality knives with good fit and finish is even harder. I began making knives seriously in 1978 and have not slowed down since. I am self taught in the techniques that I use to make knives, and I have built all of the grinders that I currently use in my shop.

Pictures of my knives have been in publications like Blade magazine, Knives Illustrated, several issues of Knives Annual, Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values, and Knives Digest I.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work, and please feel free to contact me about any questions.